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Ancien interne des hôpitaux de Paris
(en dermatologie à l’hôpital Saint-Louis et à l’hôpital Tarnier-Cochin)
Ancien Chef de clinique à l’hôpital Tarnier-Cochin
Botilinum toxin(Botox®)

Botulinum toxin has been used as a medical treatment for many years to reduce the action of the muscles.

Very low doses are injected into the forehead and glabella wrinkles for cosmetic purposes.

- The results appear after a few days and last for 6 months.

Side effects
- no or very mild pain during injections
- small bruises
- headaches
- drooping eye brows or eye-lids is rare

These effects are temporary and disappear after a few days or weeks

Fees vary from 350 to 450€ depending on the number of areas treated